Covid testing in Mallorca

The number of tests being carried out has risen significantly because of Omicron.

04-01-2022Miquel À. Cañellas

The Tuesday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates a new record high number of daily positive cases of coronavirus - 3,607.

These are 2,536 more than on Monday, the dramatic increase partly explained by the fact that daily numbers had been comparatively low over the weekend because of less testing. It had been forecast last week that the daily number would climb as it has, while the Tuesday number was fairly predictable, given the level of testing at the weekend.

In Mallorca there are 2,687 cases; Minorca 419, Ibiza 352 and Formentera 14. (There appear to be some cases not as yet confirmed by island.) By way of comparison, and to highlight the difference because of testing, the Monday figures were Mallorca 1,040, Ibiza 19, Minorca eleven and Formentera one.

The test rate for the 3,607 cases is 24.05%, which is below Monday's 25.81% for 1,071 cases.

In hospitals, the numbers of patients are increasing. For Covid patients on wards, there was an increase of 37 between Friday and Monday. There is now a further increase of 12 - Mallorca 246 (plus four), Ibiza 30 (plus five), Minorca eight (plus three).

The intensive care Covid occupancy rate has climbed to 19.93%, two more patients and a total of 68 - Mallorca 59 (plus two), Ibiza five, Minorca four.

The primary care number for the Balearics has increased by 4,659 to 28,921 (Mallorca by 3,952 to 23,505). The actual monitoring, as reported last week, no longer involves phone follow-ups for asymptomatic and mild cases.

Total cases since the start of the pandemic are 140,068. The ministry has reported no deaths since Thursday last week. The total is 1,068.

Vaccination - With at least one dose there are 957,352 people, 85.55% of the target population and 1,317 more than on Monday. With the complete course there are 924,660, 82.63% and an increase of 990.


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Juan / Hace 18 days

Yes James, we certainly are not where we were two years ago, mostly thanks to vaccines, restrictions and slight natural immunity (in that order).

To achieve total natural immunity would take far longer, but thanks to modern technology and past experience, we are able to achieve this through other methods as opposed to simply letting untold more millions die in the meantime.


James / Hace 18 days

@Juan. We're not where we were 2 years ago. Omicron will achieve this immunity. @Fred I'm not sure who you are? But your a very angry bitter man, that i imagine with alot of problems. I hope you work things out in your own head.


Fred / Hace 18 days

Juan, don't get involved, Ryan, Variant and James are deluded. They will soon change their tune when someone close to them dies. Seen it happen a few times now. Ignore the great unwashed.


Juan / Hace 18 days

And how many more people would have to die before worldwide immunity finally took hold James?


James / Hace 18 days

Natural immunity is very important, and so many have it. Yet we seem to forget about it like it doesn't matter when it is proven to achieve, as much as 16 times more protection than the vaccine and very unlikely to pass it on ever. I would see the fully recovered with immunity as more important to ending this plandemic


Juan / Hace 18 days

Varant, be honest, whatever professional and reputable organisation gives you figures based on research and new findings, you will choose not to believe it as you simply do not agree with it - wherever it's been collated.

Secondly as most people do understand, it is futile and nonsensical to compare different Countries based on aspects such as demographics, weather culture etc. which is why people simply do not.


n / Hace 18 days

Why is there no talk about early outpatient care? Instead of being told to stay home and take paracetamol and ibuprofen, people should have access to proven off-label generic drugs and monoclonal antibodies. This would alleviate the pressure on the hospital system. BOTH unvaxed and vaxed are in the hospital — fact. Vaxed can spread the variants as easily as as the unvaxed — this is also a fact. Vaxed and unboosted (what number are we on? in Israel they're already on #4, in the Netherlands they want to go up to 6) are considered unvaxed. This is getting absurd, and the anti-vax epithet is also getting tiring. We should be united and ask why we're not getting proper early treatment.


Varant / Hace 18 days

Peter, what the head of Microbiology at Son Espases ‘affirms’ without providing any substantiated evidence doesn’t give me any level of confidence or reassurance. They all have to sing the same hymn no matter how obviously ridiculous it has become by now and they are sticking to the monologue. Case in point, South Africa got over Omicron within 3-5 weeks with a much lower vaccination rate and they have now seized to track and trace as they believe there is sufficient community immunity. On the other hand, we have more people hospitalised and in ICUs here in the Balearics as we did same time last year…I have pictures of these figures as published by our beloved MDB even though they struggle with numbers at times. So honestly, I think it is time to wake up and smell the roses. The rhetoric and propaganda is just not adding up and you can’t blame people for asking more and more questions.


Peter / Hace 18 days

The head of Microbiology of Son Espases affirms that the high vaccination has made it possible for this increase in cases to be "sustainable" for the health system because, otherwise, it would be a "real disaster"


Rich / Hace 18 days

Ireland: 98% at least 2 doses (not sure if these figures include toddlers and young children). 50% 2+ booster. Infection rate 50% +. They are an island aswell. When can we start tests for natural immunity? I also think they should conduct tests for any side effects on all of those vaccinated whether they are reported to the health service or not, it's what I would do if I was putting a not fully tested product into someone. People don't seem to realize that the clinical trials for these vaccines don't end until mid / late 2023. They've also been given immunity from any compensation claims, Pfizer love that, look at their 'payouts records'. Sorry but you're not mugging my body from my soul just yet. Tho I fear I will be coerced into it as the unvaxxed become 2nd class citizens with few rights. The covid pass has been introduced, don't expect it to just dissappear when covid fades away, digital passes are now hear to stay, I know you will call me a conspiracy theorist for this, but just wait and see. Never in history when a government puts restrictions/suspends the populations freedoms have they been 100% returned post the emergency.