Vaccination of children in Menorca

The vaccination of under-12s started on December 15.


With schools going back on Monday, the vaccination rate of five to eleven-year-olds in the Balearics has been the slowest in the country.

As of Wednesday, January 5, 16.2% of the age group had received at least one dose of vaccine. The national average is 32.1%. The regional health ministry anticipated a "significant" increase after Wednesday, and it will need to be in order to come close to regions also below the national figure last Wednesday but with far higher percentages, e.g. 27.1% in Catalonia and 29.7% in Valencia.

In the Balearics, there are 84,217 children aged between five and eleven. By Wednesday last week, 13,676 had been vaccinated.

The vaccination of this age group began on December 15. Since then, more than a million doses of vaccine have been administered in Spain. In all, there are 3,349,276 children aged between five and eleven.


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James / Hace 11 days

Good this virus has no impact on kids. And we shouldn't be sticking something we know very little about into our next generation. This virus is going away with Omicron. Stop the madness now. I'm sure MDB won't allow this comment as they are probably being paid to push government propaganda.


Adam / Hace 11 days

There you can see the Mallorca people have a lot of Faith in the Government !