Councillor Sebasttià Llodrà next to the exhibition. | R.P.F

Choosing to walk or cycle instead of using the car to travel around the urban area of Manacor can mean a saving of more than 1,200 euros per year in fuel. This is reported in a local council exhibition that promotes urban mobility.

The councilor of Mobility, Sebastià Llodrà, explains the idea of the exhibition is to place it in public areas and take it to schools, although the initiative has been interrupted because of the pandemic. The exhibition panels can now be seen at the Cloisters of Sant Vicenç Ferrer.

"With this exhibition we want to reflect on how mobility should be in the future, which we believe should be healthy. The exhibition mixes social and economic aspects," according to Llodrà.

In addition to talking about the Priority Zone for Residents (ZPR) that is in force in the centre of Manacor with the idea of reducing the number of vehicles, the panels show the distances between different points in Manacor and the distance it takes to travel between them on foot or by bicycle.

For example, the distance from the Auditorium to the centre is 700 metres, while from the centre to the health centre is 750 metres. The time it takes to walk the from the Auditorium to the health centre is 18 minutes. It is hoped that by seeing the information in detail that people will choose to leave the car at home.