Students went back to school today. | T.Ayuga

The return to school today in the Balearic Islands will be fully face-to-face at all educational levels. Thus, and in order to guarantee full attendance, in addition to maintaining the prevention measures in force during this academic year, new measures have been adopted.

Among the new measures adopted the distance in classrooms will be increased, when possible, to 1.5 metres, it has been recommended to take the temperature of any person entering educational centres, it must register below 37.5 °C to gain access, and not to hold face-to-face meetings whenever possible. Extracurricular activities with overnight stays are also forbidden, except those included in the Erasmus+ programme. It has been recommended the FFP2 or KN95 masks are used by teaching staff of infants and special education.

In addition to all this, the measures that were previously in place are maintained, such as that all classrooms and meeting spaces must have CO2 meters, establishing that a maximum of 880 ppm can be reached when HEPA filters are not used or 1,000 ppm when properly sized HEPA filters are used.

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Update of symptoms compatible with COVID-19

The list of symptoms compatible with COVID-19 has also been updated according to the new variants, indicating as such fatigue, throat irritation, headache, muscular discomfort, runny nose, sneezing, back pain, night sweats, nausea, hair loss, conjunctivitis, cough, fever and slight loss of smell and taste. Upon the first signs of symptoms compatible with COVID-19, families have been asked to make a commitment not to take children to school.


The rules regarding quarantine agreed last Friday by the Public Health Commission mean that, as of today, at the pre-school and elementary school levels, only complete classrooms will be confined for a period of seven days if there are five positives in COVID-19 or more than 20 percent of the class.