Start of term in Palma, Mallorca

Term started on Monday.


Antoni Morante, the Balearic government's director general for schools' planning and organisation, said on Monday that some 300 teachers were absent for the start of the new term, as they were on sick leave because of Covid. He added that this number could well increase, something which would make the situation in schools "difficult".

He explained that sixty rapid supply teachers have all been called in and that more may well be taken on. These replacements have to take into account when teachers tested positive and their isolation periods. Monday data for teachers were from Sunday and for positive cases over the previous seven days.

At present, he said, there have been no special issues in schools, but accepts that these could arise if more teachers test positive. The greatest difficulties, he noted, would be with supply teachers for vocational training.

Morante described as "worrying" the percentage of children under 12 in the Balearics who have been vaccinated, the lowest in Spain. He didn't know the specific reason for this; it was something for the health ministry to explain. He stressed the importance of accelerating the vaccination of children.


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Jerry / Hace 14 days

Why vaccinate children? I do not understand this if Omicron will infect everyone anyway - and children have the most minimal symptoms (if any at all). I am truly stumped by the statement that vaccination is the key for children? Could anyone provide some studies that are showing otherwise - I am all ears but I have poured over 100's of journals now and none of proved any support for this tactic.


Adam / Hace 14 days

How dose it work in Mallorca do they just not show up do they need a letter from a doctor ???