Case numbers were expected to rise after the Christmas and New Year period. | Pere Bergas

The Thursday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 4,103 new positive cases of coronavirus, 279 fewer than on Wednesday. There are 3,045 cases in Mallorca, 672 in Ibiza, 236 in Minorca and 35 in Formentera; the remainder are as yet unassigned. On Wednesday, the cases were Mallorca 3,344, Ibiza 604, Minorca 261, Formentera 29.

The test rate on Thursday is 35.54%. It was 33.59% on Wednesday. The seven-day positivity test rate is 35.76%, down from 36.15%.

The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is 2698.1, up from 2543.2 on Tuesday (when there was the last update). In Mallorca 2633.6, up from 2504.2; Minorca 3074.0, up from 2815.7; Ibiza 2919.1, up from 2676.7; Formentera 1797.7, up from 1638.1.

The seven-day incidence in the Balearics is 1017.6, down from 1113.0.

On hospital wards, there are 320 Covid patients, an increase of three - Mallorca 269 (-3), Ibiza 39 (+6), Minorca 12. In ICU, the Covid occupancy rate is up to 24.63% (two more patients) - Mallorca 76 (+4), Ibiza four (-1), Minorca three (-1).

Primary care in the Balearics is monitoring 52,744 people, an increase of 2,788; in Mallorca 42,196, an increase of 1,942.

The ministry has confirmed five more deaths, one within the past 24 hours. The total since the start of the pandemic is 1,084. The total number of cases is 170,054.

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Vaccination - 969,157 people with at least one dose, 86.60% of the target population and 2,469 more than on Wednesday. Complete course, 931,928 people, 83.28% and an increase of 2,022.