Last January, there were major traffic problems when it snowed. | Archive


The Balearic government's emergencies directorate has drawn up procedures to avoid traffic congestion and risks to the public in the Tramuntana Mountains when there is snow.

The director-general, Jaume Barceló, has met with representatives from town halls, the Aemet met agency and others in finalising measures that will include enabling special parking areas and ensuring easy access for emergency service vehicles.

The two roads which are affected by heavy traffic are the MA-10 main road through the mountains and the MA-2130 (Caimari-Lluc). Traffic capacities for both are often exceeded. As there are not enough parking spaces, drivers leave their cars on the sides of the roads, which in turn affects movement.

Taking these factors into account, the emergencies directorate will in future activate and coordinate measures envisaged under the Special Adverse Meteorology Plan if Aemet issues an alert for snowfall.

To prevent there being vulnerable people in the Tramuntana without cover or shelter, the central area of the mountain range will be closed to traffic or there will be stretches of road where vehicles cannot park. On roads affected by snow, and depending on the situation, only vehicles with chains will normally be allowed. Information panels on roads will warn of incidents and there will be specific signs limiting or prohibiting vehicles.

When there is snow but no Aemet alert, powers will fall to the Guardia Civil and traffic directorate to, for instance, enable special car parks and control the influx of cars.