The MSC Fantasia in Palma today. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - Pillar Pellica

The cruise ship MSC Fantasia, which has been hit by an outbreak of Covid while sailing in Italy, docked this afternoon in the Port of Palma.

It appears that about 54 positive cases have been detected among the crew after they were tested.

Several ambulances were deployed to the port to transfer the positive cases to a government Covid hotel for quarantine. The seriousness of those infected is not yet known.

After disembarking today in Palma, the next destination of the MSC Fantasia is Barcelona.

This is the second cruise ship affected by an outbreak of Covid in less than a week to have docked in Palma.

Last Friday, 7 January, the cruise ship MSC Grandiosa docked in Palma with 15 positive cases among the passengers and crew.

The Foreign Health Service assured that the confirmed positives were asymptomatic or had mild symptoms. None of them required hospitalisation.