Numerous police patrols were involved in the chase. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Palma Local Police arrested a man this morning minutes after he tried to take a baby from a pushchair in the presence of his parents. The suspect fled the scene on the run but was intercepted by officers thanks to the help of the child's father.

The incident, according to police sources, took place at around 13.00 today near the Montesión school in the Balearic capital.

A couple who were calmly strolling with a pram observed how an unknown man, with signs of being under the influence of alcohol, tried to take the child.

This strange gesture caused a great fright for the parents. The child's father tried to grab the man but he managed to escape.

The man went after the delinquent while he was informing the local police by mobile phone what had just happened. As he ran, he told the officers the direction the suspect was heading.

Several police patrols went to the scene and managed to intercept him a few streets down from where the disconcerting incident occurred minutes before.

The arrested man, a Venezuelan national, was taken to the San Fernando police station and will appear before the courts in the next few hours.