The accused, covering his face, going to court on the first occasion. | Teresa Ayuga

A 40-year-old man, accused of attempting to abduct a ten-year-old girl on December 28, has been released on charges by a court for a second time.

On Friday, National Police officers located him close to the girl's home. He was immediately arrested for breaching terms of his first release. He was also failing to comply with a second restraining order related to his former partner. On Saturday, a Palma court released him - again on charges and subject to precautionary measures, such as the restraining order.

The original incident, which occurred in the Pere Garau district of Palma, was captured on video. This shows him grabbing the arm of the girl, who was with her older sister. The girls managed to run off, but he pursued them until a passer-by intervened. He was later detained by the National Police.

It is understood that he has some thirty previous police records, including one of attempted homicide, while he is also believed to be under investigation for another attempted abduction of a girl.