Insufficient explanation of Covid policies. | Marcelo Sastre

The FAPA parents association in Mallorca is accusing the Balearic ministries of education and health of expecting teachers and parents to show "blind faith" in the management of Covid in schools. Changes to measures, the association argues, are introduced without justification.

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"Education and health expect teachers and parents to be like obedient students and not ask why things are as they are. The current situation is one of exhaustion and frustration among families, on whom the responsibility of how to act in the face of symptoms and possible infections is discharged. Meanwhile, teachers and administrative teams must manage contagion in the classroom and face complex and changing situations without even minimal explanation."

FAPA says that parents don't know whether or not a classroom will be closed, as actions are according to assessments by the public health directorate. In the event of a positive case in the classroom or possible confinement of the class, parents are responsible for testing (or not testing) children and having to pay for this.