Patricia Guasp, speaking on Tuesday. | Jaume Morey


Among political reaction to the Balearic government's outlining of contents in new tourism legislation that was given in Madrid on Monday, Ciudadanos observed on Tuesday that the "music sounds good" but that the "lyrics" would need to be known.

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Spokesperson Patricia Guasp, stressing that the bill hasn't even put out to public consultation yet, let alone entered parliament for debate, insisted that the "small print" will need to be studied. She expressed doubts about the kind of financial aid that will be forthcoming in order to comply with obligations contemplated by this new law. "Minister Negueruela limited himself to saying that all these obligations will entail aid, but he did not specify what. We do not know if it will be through tax incentives, with European funds or direct government aid."

Guasp emphasised that her party supports the notion of the circular economy and the need for tourism transition that will achieve "more sustainability and more competitiveness". "We want the Balearics to be a leader in circularity and we are committed to inclusive, intelligent and sustainable growth. To do this, it is necessary to transform and modernise the tourism sector and our productive model."