Access was restricted following the attack. | Miquel À. Cañellas

The opposition Partido Popular are demanding explanations regarding an apparent cyberattack on IB-Salut systems that occurred two weeks ago. The Balearic health service had to change passwords for professionals and to restrict use of the systems by these professionals.

The attack was detected a fortnight ago, a government spokesperson having assured that measures were taken to increase security, that technical improvements continue to be introduced and that the situation is being evaluated. The attack affected all IB-Salut centres - hospitals, PACs and health centres - and the ministry of health is assessing the consequences.

At present, it is unknown whether medical records were accessed. The health service says that a series of protocols were immediately activated to increase security. Professional users point out that they have been unable to access the internet for two weeks and say that IB-Salut has directly spoken of there having been a cyberattack. This, at least, is the unofficial reason given by management teams to explain why they cannot connect to the internet.

The PP want to know how extensive this was and why, despite the incident having occurred two weeks ago, neither the health ministry nor any senior figure at IB-Salut had given any announcement or explanation. The party believes that there has been a total lack of transparency and is requiring a range of control measures.