In early January last year, there were major problems in Escorca. | @ToniSolivellas


The mayor of Escorca, Antoni Solivellas, has expressed his satisfaction with measures approved to prevent the traffic chaos that can occur when there is significant snowfall. This is the result of all the cars coming into the Tramuntana Mountains. A meeting last week agreed on the measures.

There is, however, another issue, one that Solivellas raised at the meeting. It has to do with telecommunications. As the mayor explains: "On days when it snows, communications are also overloaded. Residents are left without phone and internet coverage, because there are thousands of people in Escorca consuming data in order to post their photos of the snow."

He wants the Balearic government to intercede and get the telecommunications companies to expand coverage in Escorca. The government's response has so far been that it cannot intervene as these are private companies. "But something can get done, as Escorca town hall has entered into agreements with companies in order to obtain service improvements."

The problem occurs, says Solivellas, every time there are large numbers of people in the Lluc Valley. As well as when it snows, the same situation arises with the walks to the sanctuary. "The repeaters can't cope. Administrations (e.g. emergency services) can communicate by radio, but if someone goes into the mountains and has an emergency, they may not be able to call, except 112."

As to procedures for when it snows, the town hall will make parking available by the sanctuary and in Es Guix and Son Massip. Once these three car parks are full, no more vehicles will be allowed to enter the municipality.

"We will need to be very well coordinated, as we don't want cars parked by ditches or even on the road, which has been the case for years."