The magazine showing the couple walking hand-in-hand together.

The Prince who turned into a frog was the headline being used by many Spanish media outlets this morning to describe Iñaki Urdangarin, who is married to the King´s sister and who this week admitted to a "close friendship" with a work colleague.

The couple were photographed by the Spanish magazine Lecturas walking hand-in.-hand.

Sources told HELLO!'s sister publication, HOLA! on Wednesday, that the photographs of her husband had not caught King Felipe's sister, Infanta Cristina, 56, by surprise and that "she already knew".

Meanwhile, the couple's second son, Pablo Urdangarin, 21, told the press: "We are all going to love each other the same."

Urdangarin was quoted by HELLO! as saying: "Things happen and we are going to manage it in the best possible way."

When asked about how his family is, he added: "We will manage [the situation] with the utmost calm and together, as always."