Primary care health centres have been hard-pressed by the current wave of the virus. | José Cabezas

The Wednesday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 2,848 new positive cases of coronavirus, 280 fewer than on Tuesday. There are 2,073 cases in Mallorca, 378 in Ibiza, 286 in Minorca and 25 in Formentera, plus others unassigned. On Tuesday, there were 2,098 cases in Mallorca, 432 in Ibiza, 468 in Minorca and 24 in Formentera.

The test rate for the 2,848 cases is 30.41%. It was 32.96% on Tuesday. The seven-day positivity test rate is down slightly from 33.89% to 33.29%.

The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is up slightly from 3316.7 on Tuesday to 3318.1. In Mallorca, this is down from 3124.4 to 3112.1; Ibiza up from 4349.0 to 4393.2; Minorca up from 3685.7 to 3744.2; Formentera up from 1923.7 to 1965.7.

The seven-day incidence in the Balearics is down from 1408.7 to 1339.0.

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On hospital wards, the number of Covid patients is down by six to 389 - Mallorca 310 (-1), Ibiza 69 (-5), Minorca ten. In intensive care, the Covid occupancy rate has risen to 26.1%, three more patients to a total of 89 - Mallorca 80 (+2), Ibiza eight (+1), Minorca one.

Primary care is monitoring 70,885 people, an increase of 2,762. In Mallorca, this number is 54,044, an increase of 2,073. (These numbers appear to be subject to quite significant revision.)

The ministry has confirmed four more deaths. The total since the start of the pandemic is 1,121. The total number of cases is 217,124.

Vaccination - With at least one dose, 981,440, 87.70% of the target population and an increase of 424. Complete course, 937,800, 83.80% and 410 more.