Comparatively low incidence for a region with the lowest percentages of population vaccinated. | Josep Bagur Gomila

The Balearics is one of the regions of Spain with a seven-day cumulative incidence of new cases of coronavirus that is below the national average. On Wednesday, the rate - according to figures from the national ministry of health - was 1,337.3. The national figure was 1,359.70.

The lowest rate is Andalusia - 444.47 cases - followed by the Canaries with 683.82 and Madrid with 797.07. Different regulations apply in these regions. The Covid passport is required for the likes of bars and restaurants in Andalusia and the Canaries (the former has requested court authorisation for extension to February 15) but isn't in Madrid.

Four other regions are below the national average - Castile-La Mancha 1,072.38; La Rioja 1,196.39; Galicia 1,334.89; as well as the Balearics.

Those above the average but below 2,000 are: Melilla 1,380.69; Basque Country 1,498.29; Extremadura 1,522.32; Castile and León 1,548.92; Asturias 1,728.71; Valencia 1,750.96; and Cantabria 1,972.43.

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Over 2,000 are: Navarre 2,036.32; Murcia 2,137.92; Aragon 2,172.27; Ceuta 2,197.16; and Catalonia, the region with the highest seven-day incidence - 2,304.70.