The seven-day test rate is gradually falling. | Gemma Andreu

The Saturday report from the Balearic health ministry indicates 2,190 new positive cases of coronavirus. These are 324 fewer than on Friday. By island - Mallorca 1,609; Ibiza 250; Minorca 249; Formentera eleven; others unspecified. On Friday, the cases were Mallorca 1,822; Minorca 293; Ibiza 292; Formentera 19.

The test rate for the 2,190 cases is 30.92%; it was 33.59% on Friday The seven-day positivity rate is again down slightly to 31.78%.

The 14-day cumulative incidence in the Balearics is 3033.4, down from 3162.2; Mallorca 2782.8, down from 2920.9; Ibiza 4152.1, down from 4300.3; Minorca 3824.7, down from 3835.2; Formentera 1604.5, down from 1722.1 The seven-day incidence in the Balearics has gone below 1000 to 946.4.

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On hospital wards, a figure of 376 Covid patients is given, 13 fewer than Friday, but the numbers for the individual islands haven't been adjusted. The ICU Covid occupancy rate is 26.39%, five more patients - Mallorca 78 (+5), Ibiza ten (-1), Minorca two (+1)

Primary care continues to readjust the number of people it is monitoring, based on assessment of their conditions. In the Balearics, therefore, there is a decrease of 3,905 to 21,296. In Mallorca, the number has been reduced by 2,716 to 15,969.

The number of cases since the start of the pandemic is given as 224,902 and the number of deaths is 1,132 - the ministry has confirmed three more deaths.

Vaccination: With at least one dose, 983,136 people, 87.85% of the target population, 577 more. With the complete course, 939,535, 83.96% and 372 more.