ICU Covid occupancy up over the past couple of days. | Teresa Ayuga


The Balearic health ministry has reported 1,363 new positive cases of coronavirus, 827 fewer than on Saturday. The cases by island are Mallorca 1,036, Ibiza 155, Minorca 118, Formentera three, plus 51 unspecified. Saturday's 2,190 cases by island were Mallorca 1,609, Ibiza 250, Minorca 249, Formentera eleven. The 1,363 is the lowest daily number since January 3.

The test rate for the 1,363 cases is 29.02%, the first time the daily test rate has been below 30% for three weeks. The day's cases are based on a lower number of tests than on Saturday - some 2,400 fewer. The seven-day test rate, which has been coming down gradually, shows a further decrease to 31.23%.

The 14-day cumulative incidence rates are all down - Balearics 2919.6 from 3033.4; Mallorca 2662.3 from 2782.8; Ibiza 4036.8 from 4152.1; Minorca 3771.4 from 3824.7; Formentera 1537.3 from 1604.5. The seven-day cumulative incidence for the Balearics is also down - from 946.4 to 881.4.

On hospital wards, there are seven more Covid patients than on Friday (no update was given on Saturday) to a total of 396 - Mallorca 307 (+3), Ibiza 76 (+4), Minorca 13. The ICU Covid occupancy rate is up to 27.26%, three more patients, a total of 93 - Mallorca 81 (+3), Ibiza ten, Minorca two.

The primary care number in the Balearics is down 824 to 20,472; in Mallorca, down 396 to 15,573.

The total number of cases since the start of the pandemic is given as 226,089 and the number of deaths, which is unchanged, is 1,132.

Vaccination - With at least one dose, 983,446, 87.88% of the target population and 310 more than on Saturday. The complete course, 939,723, 83.97% and 188 more.