The dump is located near Coll de sa Batalla, on a private estate. | Joan J Serra


An investigation by the Agents de Medi Ambient (AMAS) into the glass dump that was discovered by hikers near Coll de sa Batalla has determined that it is a former municipal landfill. The Ministry for the Environment concludes that it is a waste deposit with an age of over 40 years that over time has risento the surface, and will offer its collaboration to the Town Hall of Escorca for its removal and cleaning.

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This has been explained by the general director of Waste and Environmental Education of the Government, Sebastià Sansó, who says that "this is a practice that was common at that time and fortunately today, with the Waste Law, it is not feasible; the cleaning of municipal waste is a responsibility of the Town Hall of Escorca and this occurred before the Serra was declared a Natural Park, but still from Medi Ambient we will offer our full cooperation to remove them".

Medi Ambient's inspection has resulted that the landfill occupies an area of one thousand square metres and that the soil is not contaminated. "They are not hazardous waste, no soil affectation has been seen, it is all glass and some household appliances," says Sansó. The formula that Medi Ambient will offer is that Escorca agrees to participate in a project funded by the Sustainable Tourism Tax (ITS) for people at risk of social exclusion to work on cleaning up the environment. "Curiously, all the municipalities of the Serra have authorised us except Escorca," he adds.