The first vaccination point was established at Son Dureta. | Pilar Pellicer

Eight more vaccination lines have been opened at Son Dureta in Palma. There are now 16. These have the capacity to vaccinate some 5,000 people per day, the hours being Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm.

A team consisting of an IB-Salut health worker and a nurse from the army has been added to others at Son Dureta. The army is now contributing to seven vaccination teams in the Balearics.

Since January 17, the BitCita online vaccination appointment system has been available for anyone aged 18 or over. Appointments for booster jabs can also be made via BitCita. A link to a map from the ibsalut website indicates vaccination points in Mallorca and on the other islands.

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At present, 50.66% of the target population have received a booster jab. For the five to eleven age group, 37.15% have been given a first dose.