Test rate for seven days is now below 30%. | Archive


The Wednesday report from the Balearic health ministry shows that there has been a general improvement in the situation in hospitals, with fourteen fewer Covid patients on wards and six fewer in intensive care units.

The number of daily cases shows a decrease of 121 to 1,673, with 1,271 cases in Mallorca, 229 in Minorca, 119 in Ibiza and twelve in Formentera, plus those which are unspecified. The test rate is 26.52%, up from 24.78% for Tuesday's 1,794. The seven-day positivity test rate has dropped below 30% to 28.09%.

On the wards, there are seventeen fewer patients in Mallorca, down to 291, but that there are increases in Ibiza 84 (up two) and in Minorca 15 (up one). The ICU Covid occupancy rate is down to 24.34%, with 71 patients in Mallorca (-4), nine in Ibiza (-1) and three in Minorca (also -1).

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Primary care cases have risen - by 1,631 to 20,115 in the Balearics and by 1,271 to 15,528 in Mallorca specifically.

The 14-day cumulative incidence rates have all come down - Balearics 2572.3 from 2955.3; Mallorca 2357.0 from 2722.5; Ibiza 3364.4 from 3938.7; Formentera 1419.7 from 1587.7. The seven-day incidence rate is down from 874.6 to 834.0.

Three more deaths have been reported. The total since the start of the pandemic is 1,142. There have been 232,588 cases.

Vaccination - 984,173 people have had at least one dose, 87.94% of the target population and 341 more than on Tuesday. With the complete course, 940,816, 84.07%, and 464 more.