President Armengol at Camper on Thursday. | Govern de les Illes Balears

During a visit to the Camper footwear company on Thursday, President Armengol thanked the management for not having laid off any employees during the Covid crisis. She stressed the commitment of the Inca-based company to Mallorca, the headquarters since it was founded in 1975. It is now present in 40 countries, and Armengol recognised this "international vision" as well as Camper's innovation and design and the fact that, despite all the success, the company continues to be headquartered in Inca.

The president said that the government has stated its commitment to the circularity of the Balearic economy. In this regard, she was interested in hearing about Camper's initiatives in terms of circularity as applied to the footwear industry.

Accompanied by the director of the government's strategic investment planning and coordination office, Joan Carrió, and the mayor of Inca, Virgilio Moreno, Armengol toured the production workshop, where shoes are recovered. After a process of cleaning, conversion, and improvement of durability, they are put on sale again.

On behalf of the company, CEO Miguel Fluxà thanked the president for her visit and explained that the company has always opted for quality because "there is nothing more sustainable" than creating and putting on the market a shoe that lasts: "it is Camper's flag".