The pressure in the ICU has fallen by almost 30% in just over a week. | EFE

Two years after the Ministry of Health reported a suspected case of coronavirus, on February 7, 2020, that of an English citizen who was infected in a ski resort in Switzerland, the Balearic Islands is gradually emerging from the sixth wave, which has left more contagions alone than the previous five as a whole.

Two out of ten people have already been infected, according to the data officially counted, although experts say that the real figure may be double, with people who have had the virus without being aware.

The data from the Government indicate that there have already been 239,434 people infected, more than 20% of the population. In the two years living with the virus, the most dramatic figure is the 1,161 people who have died from the pandemic, many of them in nursing homes, which were especially hit by the virus during the first wave.

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The Government reported 688 cases this Sunday, one of the lowest figures of the last 40 days, which contrasts with the more than 3,000 cases that were reported in a single day last January.

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has already considered this sixth wave to be over and the decrease in the number of infections is beginning to have an effect on hospital care. In the case of ICU occupancy, one of the elements taken into account when weighing the seriousness of the pandemic, the pressure has been substantially reduced.

There are 67 patients in intensive care, but a little more than a week ago there were 93 people in the ICU. There are almost 20% of beds occupied, which places the islands at high risk when a few days ago it was very high risk.