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Antoni Costa, parliamentary spokesperson for the opposition Partido Popular, said on Monday that the possible naming of Palma Airport after Rafael Nadal should not become "a political battle".

At the Monday press conference ahead of the Tuesday parliamentary session, Costa reiterated that the PP would be in favour of the naming, because Nadal "has proven to be worthy of such an honour, both on and off the court". However, he asked that a possible debate on the naming did not become a political battle that could detract from "the greatest Spanish tennis player of all time".

Costa's counterpart from Més, Miquel Ensenyat, said at his press conference that the "big problem" with the airport is not its name but its management. "None of the administrations on the island - the Council of Mallorca, the parliament or the government has any decision-making power over the airport."

Ensenyat once proposed that the airport should be named after the mediaeval polymath, Ramon Llull.