The second increase in the minimum wage in the space of some six months. | Archive

The UGT union in the Balearics estimates that some 150,000 workers will benefit from the increase in the minimum wage to 1,000 euros per month. The union stresses that this increase will especially benefit "women and young people who work in the most precarious sectors".

The general secretary, Lorenzo Navarro, says that this represents an "unquestionable labour, economic and social advance that benefits the economy, promotes employment and social progress". He believes that it is "incomprehensible" that employers and "some ideological circles" question the increase, which will be applied retroactively from January 1.

“I do not understand how there are those who oppose people earning 1,000 euros a month in 14 payments. It is the minimum to be able to live on with the prices we have and is for the people who earn the least and those who suffer the most discrimination through working in the most precarious sectors, such as domestic and care workers."

The 1,000 euros agreement is part of the commitment by the current Spanish government to raise the minimum wage. The UGT has called for it to go up to 1,063 euros per month in 2023 so that it is equivalent to 60% of the average salary. Under the European Social Charter, Spain is a signatory to this pay level.