Palma Ayuga Discreto Rua Palma | T. AYUGA


Once Palma took the decision to cancel its Carnival parade, but not the children’s Sa Rueta, it might have been expected that other town halls would decide likewise. In fact, Sa Pobla had got in ahead of Palma by a day - the decision was announced on February 1, Palma’s on the second. The town hall indicated, but has since said nothing more, that the parade might be held at a later date. And this is what Pollensa has stated that it will be looking at as well - a parade in May.

Saying that the parades will be held over has been greeted with observations such as how can Carnival be shifted to May when it is intimately linked to Lent. Out of responsibility and caution, note both Pollensa and Sa Pobla town halls.

But while these town halls have attracted criticism for delaying Carnival, Alcudia has been copping some flak for deciding to go ahead regardless. The parade will be on February 27 with some alteration to the usual route.

It seems that town halls can’t win. Damned if they do, damned if they don’t. For Alcudia’s parade, meanwhile, the notice states that masks will be obligatory. Well, masks are not exactly unknown for Carnival as it is, albeit of a different kind. But now that the Spanish government has decreed that they are no longer needed outdoors, enforcement becomes that much more difficult.

This said, when masks weren’t obligatory but were still being demanded by town halls, such as for the procession by the Estol Rei en Jaume bigheads at last October’s fair in Alcudia, there was general compliance. Even so ... .

Meanwhile, Campanet announced the dates for its Rueta (February 24) and Rua (February 26) with a minimum of fuss, just a lively poster with the dates and routes, and there was no criticism. Rather, there were thanks for the parades taking place.