Image of C. Marbella in Playa de Palma and the future tram service,

Residents in Playa de Palma are complaining that the town hall's new general urban plan fails to address a chronic lack of parking and accident blackspots.

The vice-president of the Arenal-Playa de Palma residents association, José Alain Carbonell, says that there are numerous accidents each year, the most dangerous blackspot being at the intersection of C. Ca na Gabriela and the Ctra. Militar. Someone lost a foot as the result of one accident.

On Ca na Gabriela itself, Carbonell explains, there is the entrance to a supermarket at the junction with Miquel Estelrich. "The fact that there haven't been more accidents doesn't make it any less dangerous."

Other blackspots are the junctions of Ca na Gabriela with Avenida América, C. Amílcar and C. Cannes street, and C. Asdrúbal with the Ctra. Militar.

The town hall has been asked to instal mirrors and traffic lights and to paint pedestrian crossings. "They say yes to everything but then don't act."

As to the lack of parking, Carbonell notes that, while the tram project is a good one, it is likely to just add to the problem. Parking spaces will disappear.