Balearics Day market | Archive


Balearics Day is the first of March. It commemorates the formal announcement in 1983 of the Balearics Statute of Autonomy, which paved the way for the first regional parliamentary election to be held that year.

Because of the pandemic, there were no celebrations in 2021, but this year they are back, the government having organised 255 activities in all. The minister for the presidency, Mercedes Garrido, says that there will be "a very special party". It will be a reunion. "Given the adversities we have been fighting, it will be a celebration of a supportive society that has shown the best of itself when it was most needed and which, together, will move forward to recovery."

Most of the focus will be in Palma, where there will be 164 activities. Around thirty are planned for the rest of Mallorca, with the remainder on the other islands. "Balearics Day is not a government celebration. It is one for the whole of society," Garrido stresses.

On February 28, Balearic gold medals and Ramon Llull prizes, the highest awards in the Balearics, will be handed out. Another highlight of the celebrations will be the return of the traditional Balearics Day market in Palma on C. Antoni Maura and Passeig de Sagrera and in Plaça de la Drassana.

On the website there are details of activities (in Catalan and Castellano).