The Foro de Mallorca has been fenced off. | Juanjo Roig

The owners of the Foro de Mallorca complex in Binissalem have fenced it off in an attempt to prevent squatters and the dumping of waste.

Binissalem town hall asked for this to be done, as there had been numerous complaints from residents and environmentalist groups. The entrance had been turned into a rubbish tip, while the Es Molinot restaurant, which closed in 2019, had been taken over by squatters. There has also been theft of furniture and other items.

The heyday of the Foro was back in the 1970s and 1980s. In 2016, the owners, not the same ones as now, tried to convince Mercedes Garrido (then the Council of Mallorca's councillor for territory) to authorise a change of use. The intention was to convert the facilities into a private residence for the elderly. This was not possible because of a lack of certain basic services and would also have needed a change in land classification.