Minorca is potentially looking at a boom in tourist numbers. | Europa Press

From March 27, Minorca will have flights from 22 international airports. In April, these will increase to 34 in nine countries. There will also be flights from five mainland airports. The Council of Minorca says that the seats on these flights will be double the number of arriving passengers in April 2019.

By the end of March, there will be flights from six UK airports, six in France, five in Italy, plus Basel, Brussels, Dublin, Geneva and Vienna. From April, five more UK airports will be added, as will be two more in France, two in Germany (Düsseldorf and Frankfurt), and Amsterdam.

Data from analysts Mabrian indicate there will be some 195,000 seats on flights to the island in April, twice as many as in April 2019, when foreign tourist arrivals were 18 per cent of the total. For April 2022, this will rise to 45 per cent.

he president of the Council of Minorca, Susana Mora, says that the island is moving forward on the road to recovery. There are good prospects for a longer season and therefore "the benefits that this will represent for businesses and workers".

Looking ahead to May, the Council is anticipating there being a 50% increase in the number of seats compared with 2019. "We are an attractive destination. We have improved connectivity, and the public and private sectors are continuing to work together in attracting and retaining tourists."