Kiev (Ukraine), 27/02/2022.- Ukrainian servicemen have a rest on a position looking at smoke from a burned petroleum storage depot behind after a Russian missile attacked near Kiev, Ukraine, 27 February 2022. Russian troops entered Ukraine on 24 February prompting the country's president to declare martial law and triggering a series of announcements by Western countries to impose severe economic sanctions on Russia. (Atentado, Rusia, Ucrania) EFE/EPA/ALISA YAKUBOVYCH | ALISA YAKUBOVYCH

The Kremlin on Monday accused the European Union of hostile behaviour towards Russia, saying weapons supplies to Ukraine were dangerous and destabilising and proved that Russia was right in its efforts to demilitarise its neighbour.

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The West has stepped up arms supplies to Ukraine in order to help it defend against a Russian invasion that Moscow calls a "special military operation" aimed at protecting civilians.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov declined to comment on the number of casualties Russian forces have suffered, or to elaborate on President Vladimir Putin's instructions at the weekend for Russia's nuclear deterrence forces to be placed on a "special regime".