Seventy-nine registered wine growers. | Lola Olmo

In 2021, wine producers governed by the DO Pla i Llevant Designation of Origin regulatory board recovered a good deal of business that was lost in 2020 because of the pandemic.

Headquartered in Felanitx, there are 14 wineries and 79 registered wine growers. Business was badly affected by the closure of hotels and restaurants in 2020, when sales totalled 6,620 hectolitres. Last year, these rose to 9,610, an improvement but still short of the 11,992 in 2019 and the record 14,680 in 2018.

Eighty-five per cent of the DO's wine is sold in the Balearics. Mainland Spain accounts for just 0.1%, while exports to the EU account for a further 7.5%. Germany is the strongest market. Of the 996.97 hectolitres that were exported in 2021, 69% went to Germany and 22% to Switzerland. Emerging markets are the Scandinavian countries - five per cent went to Sweden and two per cent to Denmark. The Netherlands also accounted for two per cent.