The National Police have increased their surveillance of ports.


Wealthy Russians in Mallorca are stepping up private security for their yachts and villas. This is in response to the attempted sinking of the yacht Lady Anastasia by Ukrainian Taras Ostapchuk.

It is understood that over the past couple of days the National Police's private security unit has received a number of notifications of changes to 24-hour private security personnel employed by Russian oligarchs and others with properties and yachts in Mallorca. These changes are by way of reinforcement.

Alexander Mijeev, the CEO of the company which produces military weapons for the Putin government and the owner of the Lady Anastasia, has a security contract authorised by the national ministry of the interior to protect his properties. The same applies to another Russian oligarch, whose luxury yacht is moored in Palma. They are not the only ones.

In addition to private security personnel, wealthy Russians are said to have been increasing the number of staff at villas to ensure that there are always people there if it is necessary to alert the Guardia Civil or National Police to any incident.