Igor Volodko. | Elena Ballestero

Igor Volodko is president of the newly constituted Association for Help to Ukraine, the aim of which is to provide medical, food and welfare aid to the people of Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Igor started a campaign to collect and deliver goods through a chain of volunteers. He is also contacting international logistics companies to assist with shipments. The base for this is his office in Puerto Alcudia. He runs a tourism company that deals with the Russian and Ukrainian markets.

Igor says: "The people of Ukraine are fighting against the Russian army, defending their country and serving as a shield for the freedoms of the whole of Europe. They need all possible help. They are fighting for freedom and so that the war does not extend beyond Ukraine's borders."

As to goods, he is looking for medicines, non-perishable food that can be consumed without having to cook it, hygiene products and sleeping bags.

The office is at Calle Torreta 3, Puerto Alcudia. This is a street opposite the main car park on Teodor Canet that is between Banca March and the Piscis Hotel. Times are 10am to 1pm, Mondays to Fridays.