Intensive care remains at medium risk. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


The Balearic Health Department today reported another death from Covid, taking the death toll since the start of the pandemic to 1,225.
309 new cases were confirmed.

Intensive care continued to have 36 patients with Covid, the same as the day before, so occupation of intensive care units remained at 10.5% and remains at “medium risk”.

There were also 137 Covid patients on hospital wards, 18 fewer than the day before, and 2,752 patients were under primary care supervision (92 more than on Thursday).

The number of active cases of Covid in the Balearics stood at 2,925, 2.6% more than the previous day (74 more). Since the pandemic began, 255,315 cases have been diagnosed.

Over the last week, the number of patients admitted to the ICU for Covid has fallen by 22.9%, from 48 last Friday to 36 today; the number of patients on the wards has fallen by 27.5%, from 189 to 137; and the number of active cases has also fallen by 22.3%, from 3,766 to 2,925.

The 14-day cumulative incidence (AI) in the Balearics continued to fall, from 402 cases per 100,000 inhabitants on Thursday to 392.5 today.

The seven-day cumulative incidence rate was 158 cases per 100,000, confirming the downward trend.

By island, the AI was 481 per 100,000 people in Minorca, 412 in Mallorca, 234 in Ibiza and 168 in Formentera.