The plan for development was scrapped.


The director of the Balearic Ports Authority (APB), Jorge Nasarre, says that plans for the old naval area in Puerto Alcudia are for this to be "in general and for the most part" an open public space.

Nasarre has met representatives of the Salvem el Moll pressure group, which has been calling for the area to be public space. The group believes that it is "very significant" that the APB now shares its view.

As well as the naval area, there were also discussions about uses of the Alcudiamar marina and the loading and unloading of scrap at the port.

The APB had once envisaged a project to convert the area into a commercial space with five cafeterias, a dry marina and a petrol station. It was a project that generated a great deal of opposition among residents and businesses and contributed to the creation of Salvem el Moll some ten years ago. The project was blocked by the courts.