Sunflower oil is one product affected. | Jaume Morey


The war in Ukraine is impacting supply and price of food products in the Balearics. The ADED distributors association is highlighting specific supply issues with sunflower oil, wheat derivatives and spicy sauces. The association's president, Bartomeu Servera, says that manufacturers started to restrict orders from the Balearics on Saturday.

He adds that over the past couple of weeks there has been a "progressive increase" in the price of food and drink products because of the impact of the war and the rise in fuel and freight prices. Certain basic necessities have risen in price by as much as 50%, and upward pressure on prices is only likely to continue. This will further influence inflation and a consequent negative effect on consumer spending.

"When it rains, it pours. The increase in prices caused by the rise in the cost of fuel is now being added to by restriction of products." The ADED president points out that there are no supply problems, "but supermarkets are applying purchase limits on some products, as is the case with sunflower oil".

The ASEDAS Spanish association of distributors confirms that some food distribution companies are adopting measures to limit the sale of sunflower oil. Abnormal demand is affecting a very limited number of products related to sunflower oil from Ukraine. Among these are mayonnaise and sauces.

In addition, there is supply of wheat and other cereals, mainly for animal feed, and which affects the food value chain. There are issues with fulfilling orders from the Balearics.

The large retailers association ANGED says that at present there is no talk of shortages, but notes that over the past couple of years there have been situations when consumers have hoarded food because of unjustified alarm.

In this regard, ASEDAS points out that European institutions, the Spanish government and the sectors most directly affected are adopting measures to alleviate the situation.