Jose Gomis and Amanda Ventura in Palma today. | Humphrey Carter


A Mallorca aid mission to Ukraine is getting ready to leave early next week but still needs funds so this is you chance to help.

The minibus is going to be driven be leading Mallorcan and Minorcan photographers Jose Gomis and Karlos Hurtado.

Watch the video with English subtitles below:

In association with local Mallorca charity Perells the minibus will head for the Hungarian border with Ukraine to deliver medication and non perishable food and then collect six women and children and bring tham back to Mallorca.

The round trip is 5,000 kilometres and they are all ready to go as soon as possible but they just need some more funding, so please help.

Donations can be made via Bizum using the phone number 637813192 and the concept is Help Ukraine.