Thursday's meeting with freight transport representatives. | Teresa Ayuga


The Balearic government will provide financial aid to the islands' hauliers in order to avoid the strike that has been called from 28 March.

On Thursday, the transport minister, Josep Marí, met with representatives from the islands' freight transport sector. He said that he was confident in being able to find a satisfactory solution.

The freight carriers, for their part, have as their objective a solution with the Balearic and Spanish governments. But they insist that they will not back down. The president of the Balearic Freight Transport Association, Ezequiel Horrach, said that the strike notification will be presented to the Spanish government's delegation in the Balearics, the body that has to authorise protest actions.

Horrach explained that companies are operating at a loss because of the cost of fuel. He hoped that agreement can be reached. If not, "we will have to strike".

Marí emphasised that "the government's desire and aim" is to reach a solution, and one that is "on the side of the hauliers". An "action plan" is being developed to help the sector financially.

The minister added that "no figure" had been specified, although Horrach suggested that one had been and that it wouldn't be sufficient. The government, Marí noted, has expressed its "willingness to help". But beyond this, there was no particular development at Thursday's meeting.