The architect plan for Gomila.


The project to revitalise the Plaça Gomila area of El Terreno in Palma is scheduled for completion in autumn 2023.

The backers of the project are the Camper Group, one wing of the Inca Fluxà family - Iberostar hotels and Lottusse footwear are the other two main wings. Four buildings are being renovated and three others are being built. Each has its own character, with different colours, materials and shapes. In total there will be 60 homes and commercial spaces for different uses - restaurants, shops, leisure facilities.

The white building, the Gomila Center, is at the heart of the project. There are also properties in blue, red, green and yellow The Fluxà family says that Gomila is not merely a set of buildings. "It is an opportunity to develop a concept that enhances the neighbourhood through effective public-private partnership, including a unique residential housing project."

The project aims to revive the square, which was a key centre for nightlife from the 1950s to the 1980s before the area started to deteriorate. Jacob van Rijs, founding partner of architects MVRDV, says that "by mixing renovated buildings with new construction, we are revitalising the neighbourhood while maintaining the connection to its illustrious past". "The renovation of the Gomila Center is not only ecologically sustainable, reusing the building according to the principles of circularity, it also pays homage to the history of the neighbourhood."