Today's crisis meeting in Palma. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The Balearic government will give direct aid to companies in the transport, agricultural and fishing sectors to compensate for the rise in fuel and energy prices, it announced today.

The government also announced that it will exempt fishing boats from paying port taxes and will ask central government to do the same in the ports it manages such as the ports of Palma and Alcudia.

The Balearic President Francina Armengol has not specified the scope of the aid or the economic amount that will be allocated, but has indicated that meetings will be held with the affected sectors to decide upon how much compensation will be paid.

"The price of energy is the mother of all battles and we have to fight against rising prices," said the president at the end of the meeting of the Reactivation Group, which approved a series of proposals to try to alleviate the crisis,

"We want to confront the terrible situation generated by Putin's unjust war," said Armengol, at the end of the meeting during which a series of proposals were approved to try to alleviate the crisis. "We have worked on the basis of agreement," said the President.

Vice-president Juan Pedro Yllanes described some of the measures contained in the document, such as the request to central government to approve a reduction in electricity and fuel taxes, measures to lower the price of agricultural and fishing diesel and a reduction in VAT on professional fuels.