In May 2017, taxi drivers at the airport stopped work for three and a half hours. | Michel's


From April to October, there will be 122 inspection controls at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport designed to prevent pirate transport operators.

These controls are part of the Balearic transport ministry's 2022 action plan against illegal competition in the transport sector. They will be conducted at random, at different times of the day and at weekends.

The ministry says that controls at the airport will be carried out by single inspectors or groups of up to four. Inspectors will often be "plain clothes" and be inside the arrivals terminal.

Pirate transport operators have been a problem at the airport for years. Their presence has led to ugly scenes, such as fights with taxi drivers. There have also been protests by taxi drivers. In May 2017, they stopped work for a period of three and a half hours one evening.

Any operator, apart from taxi drivers, has to have a prearranged booking with a client (or clients) in order to be able to pick up at the airport.