Masks off outdoors but not indoors. | Daniel Espinosa

Spain's minister of health, Carolina Darias, said on Tuesday that the government will go "step by step" in the management of the pandemic and the elimination of the requirement to wear masks indoors. Measures will be adopted "with caution" and so the obligation to wear masks will end "when the experts who advise us, propose this".

On Monday, one of the minister's steps was taken in treating coronavirus like flu. People with mild symptoms will no longer need to self-isolate or take tests. However, Darias stressed on Tuesday that those who have symptoms must continue to wear masks. In this regard, she called on the public to also act with caution.

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The minister explained that although there is now a new phase in the management of the pandemic, "we will continue the monitoring, but in a different way and with a focus on the vulnerable".

Darias was speaking in Brussels, where EU health ministers were gathering to discuss the coordination of medical supplies to Ukraine and to bordering countries that are hosting the majority of refugees.