Queuing had been expected. | Miquel À. Cañellas


Queues formed at petrol stations in Mallorca on Friday as drivers looked to take advantage of the twenty cents per litre price reduction. The queuing had been expected. Petrol stations have been experiencing lower sales in recent days.

Because of the demand there were also concerns about meeting this. Nevertheless, the association of service stations suggested that things were proceeding normally, albeit that drivers were putting more in their tanks than they have been.

Petrol stations have put up posters at the pumps with information about the discount and how this applies to payment. Rafel Matas, the association's president, who has expressed concern that petrol stations may have to increase prices because of delays to the reimbursement of discounts, explains that the information is to give transparency. Customers can see the discount on their receipts and can check prices and choose the petrol station they want.

The national government delegation in the Balearics says that some 675,000 drivers will benefit from the discount until June. It will apply to all types of fuel, the Spanish government having budgeted 1,423 million euros.

Petrol stations will be able to request reimbursement for the discount through an online form made available by the Tax Agency. Payments are due to start next week, although there are concerns that they will take longer.

Repsol reported on Friday that its IT system was experiencing problems at a national level due to the sheer number of customers who went to its petrol stations early on.