Francesc Mateu, Iago Negueruela, Gabriel Escarrer Jaume and José Luis Zoreda. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter - Jaume Morey


The president of the Alliance for Excellence in Tourism (Exceltur), Gabriel Escarrer, said today during the presentation of the study Impactur Illes Balears (Balearics impact), that the islands will be a refuge destination for European tourism this summer. "All indicators point to the Balearics being the refuge tourist destination for Europeans, so the Islands will record a good tourist season and very similar to that of 2019."

Escarrer, accompanied by the executive vice-president of Exceltur, José Luis Zoreda, as well as the Balearic Minister for Tourism and Employment, Iago Negueruela, and the director of the Aetib, Francesc Mateu, made a special emphasis on the fact that the fuel taxes that the airlines are going to establish due to the increase in energy costs "will not affect the Balearics because there is a great pent up demand in Europe to travel and the islands, despite everything, are a safe destination in terms of health and safety."

The president of Exceltur did however acknowledge that "competition from Turkey and Egypt is going to be very strong in terms of lower prices, but a destination like the Balearics does not compete on price but on quality".

He added that in the summer season "a lot of European tourists will come from Turkey and North Africa, precisely because of the security that exists in Mallorca and the rest of the islands".