Police at the scene over the weekend. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


It was another busy weekend for Palma police. The Son Valentí industrial estate has become the nerve centre for disorder and violence, in many cases extreme, over the past few months now. The parties start on Thursday and end well into the early hours of Monday morning.

During these four days, the industrial zone becomes the epicentre for fights, shouting, threats, car races, illegal street parties, debauchery and a general lack of control. The consumption of alcohol and drugs multiplies sparking clashes between gangs - business people working in the area are scared to go to work.

The main problem is the clientele of a conflictive discotheque located in Calçat street. There, large groups of Latinos, Africans, Spaniards, residents of the Son Banya shanty town and Moroccans gather. Some of these groups are known for their heavy drinking and drug abuse, a perfect cocktail for fights and tension in the area.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, inside a discotheque, according to police sources, a middle-aged man was involved in a serious altercation. At one point, when the club's security personnel stepped in, the man (of Ecuadorian nationality) picked up a bottle of gin and smashed it over the head of a security guard. In spite of the security guard's great strength, he collapsed to the floor, bleeding profusely from the head. The rest of his colleagues quickly tackled the aggressor and restrained him until the arrival of the National and Local Police.

Paramedics were quickly on the scene and attended the victim who had a gash to his head and had lost consciousness for a few seconds. Sources close to the case reported yesterday that the aggressor was arrested and that the police are waiting to know the extent of the injuries.

For some time now, this area of the Son Valentí industrial estate has become a serious problem. At five in the morning, when the premises closes, more than 500 to 600 young people of different nationalities and cultures gather at the exit. This is when the fights begin, in which, on some occasions, more than 200 people have been involved. Some residents of Son Banya and members of Latin gangs are armed with knives.

Another common problem is anti social behaviour. Nearby businesses, premises and vehicles parked in the streets are used as improvised toilets. Some of them get into cars, jump over the metal barriers of the industrial buildings and confront the workers. The lack of permanent surveillance in the area has also meant that Son Valentí has become one of the most popular locations for illegal street parties.