The controversial beach bar in Mondragó. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The days are numbered for the controversial beach bar on the beach at sa Font de n’Alis, in the Mondragó Natural Park. The Ministry for Environment plans to demolish it in order to recover and restore the dune habitats where the kiosk is located.This is included in the new Natural Resources Management Plan (PORN) of the Mondragó Park.

The ministry aims to increase the protection of Mondragó and to consolidate and promote the natural, scenic and cultural values of this park located in the municipality of Santanyi.
However, the beach bar will not be knocked down ahead of this summer.

After the removal of the beach bar, the rehabilitation of the dune habitats will be carried out, and the ministry has announced that the installation of a beach bar in an area away from the dunes will be authorised.

The new building will have to be dismountable and must comply with environmental requirements (no generators and specific measures). But before starting the demolition, the ownership of the beach bar must be clarified. That will be up to the coastal protection department because the local council maintains that it is theirs (it was ceded in the 80s) although they have not been able to register it in the Land Registry.

Despite this, the council has had the concession for 15 years, although last year permission was denied to set up chairs and tables outside the bar so the council decided not to open it or put it out to tender. The dossier on its ownership has not yet been closed. Now, with the approval of the new PORN, the ministry for environment wants to clarify once and for all the ownership of the installation on the beach of sa Font de n’Alis and then knock it down.