Tourist season is creating more jobs. | SUSANA VERA


The Balearics experienced the sharpest annual fall in unemployment in March, with 33,498 fewer unemployed than a year ago (-40.36% less) a total of 49,490, according to data published yesterday by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy.
Compared to February, unemployment fell by 3,014 people, representing a decrease of 5.74%.
The total number of contracts registered during the month of March in the Balearics amounted to 38,781.

This represents an increase of 19,721 (103.47%) over the same month in 2021 and 12,070 compared to February, an increase of 45.19%.
By gender, of the total number of unemployed, 28,737 are women and 27,753 are men.
Indefinite-term contracts registered 21,537 contracts, while 17,244 temporary jobs were signed. Of the total number of contracts, 31,522 were signed in the service sector, 5,364 in construction, 1,554 in industry and 341 in agriculture.

In relation to the hiring of foreigners, 11,562 contracts were signed, which represents an annual increase of 115.82 percent (6,206 more contracts) and 52.27 percent more than in February (3,969 more contracts). The majority of contracts, 7,672, were signed by people from non-EU countries.

In the Balearics 83,292 people receive some form of unemployment benefit, with a total investment in February of 127 million euros.
The CCOO union welcomed the latest figures claiming that they prove that “the recovery of post-pandemic activity is happening” and that the Balearics are “preparing for the start of the tourist season without restrictions”.

The union recalled that in the month of March, registered unemployment in the Islands was 49,490 people, 3,014 less than the previous month, which represents a decrease of 5.74 percent and 40.36 percent compared to the same month last year, with a total of 33,498 fewer unemployed.

Likewise, with regard to hiring data, they highlighted that 55 percent of those signed in March were on permanent contracts and 44.5 percent were temporary.
“Once again, the data published by the Ministry are positive because Social Security affiliates are increasing and the number of unemployed people is decreasing”, the union said.

They also said that the increase in permanent contracts is thanks to the new labour reform which will provide greater stability and allows workers to have a secure future.
However, they pointed out that inflation now stands at 9.8 percent as a result of the increase in the prices of electricity, energy and the shopping basket.

“This increase means a further loss of purchasing power, so we need a greater control of prices so that people, especially the vulnerable, can lead a decent life without giving up basic necessities such as good food or turning on the heating,” they added.