Photos: Joan Llado.


"Keep America Safe" is the stated objective of U.S. Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Officers from this department were involved in the raid on the Russian owned yacht, Tango, in the Real Club Nautico in Palma this morning.

The involvement of this department in the operation was unclear but it is claimed that the raid came about after pressure from the U.S. government.

HSI’s workforce consists of more than 10,400 employees, including special agents, criminal analysts, mission support personnel and contract staff assigned to offices throughout the United States and around the world.

The yacht is owned by Viktor Vekselberg, one of Russia´s richest men. According to Forbes as of November 2021, his fortune is estimated at $9.3 billion, making him the 262nd richest person in the world.

Vekselberg is close to the Kremlin overseeing projects to modernize the Russian economy. In April 2018, the United States imposed sanctions on him and 23 other Russian nationals in relation to Russia´s annexation of Crimea. Following Russian´s invasion of Ukrainine the United States strengthened its sanctions